Becoming Supernatural Summary Dr. Joe Dispenza

Becoming supernatural: How common people are doing the uncommon. Common people like you and me can do uncommon things. we can achieve what the most successful and influential people are achieving. We can overcome the flaws of ourselves. and create the life of our dream. we all have the ability to become supernatural. But the question is How can we do that? we can do it by changing our energy.

“When you change your energy, You change your life.” – Dr joe Dispenza

In the book becoming supernatural, the author has shown us how we can change our energy. from guilt, shame, anger, sadness, lack, diseases, depression to happiness, abundance, joy, love with life, health, financial freedom, healing. How you can transform your life from surviving to thriving.

You can heal yourself from any medical issues, traumas, and any kind of mental health issue. You can start a new life with new opportunities, new relationships, new financial status, and new energy. The book contains mind-blowing theories concepts and ideas that you’ve never read before. There are different meditations in the book as well to manifest new life. clearing the energy centers of your body and for getting mystical. to go into other dimensions of reality by opening your pineal gland.

Let’s jump into the book and check out a detailed summary of the masterpiece by Dr. Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural.

Chapter 1

Chapter one has the inspirational story of a psychotherapist “Anna”. Anna went into depression after his husband commits suicide. By living in continuous depression, sadness, and worries she developed lots of health issues. she got ulcers and tumors and other illnesses. She experienced the dark night of the soul moments. and one day the turning point came into his life when she decided to change her life.

Anna’s friend introduced her to dr joe Dispenza. she attended dr joe’s workshop and started following him. She was doing all the different kinds of meditations and practices that she learned in the workshops and seminars of dr joe. the change started to happen in her physical and mental health.

day by day she improved herself and with consistency, she manages to overcome all her diseases and past traumas. she started a new life, found a new life partner, and now she is thriving. When you read the complete story of anna in the book it will inspire you to change your life. If anna can become supernatural, so you can.

Chapter 2

Dr joe touch upon the present moment in chapter 2. you have given all your energy to your problems, other people, and past events by not living in the present moment. The author shows you, how you become very very creative when you are in the present moment. He shows how you can go deep in the present moment while doing meditations.

when you become truly present. when you connect with the eternal now that’s where the magic starts to happen. you create a new energy field around your body and lose the old energy field. in the present moment, you go beyond all the limitations, beliefs, your environment, your self-image, and beyond time. with the new energy field, you have a lot of energy to create new life.

becoming supernatural

You can overcome from your past traumas. and limiting beliefs about yourself by connecting to the present moment. you will develop a new mind, which is calm peaceful. and free from past energy and future worries. You will get out of your subconscious programs and unconscious behaviors. that you have performed your whole life. you can tune into the energy of elevated emotions like love, gratitude, fulfillment, healing by living in the present moment.

By living in the present moment, You can free your mind from your automatic negative thoughts and feeling that you feel often. Your brain will start to wire with new programs and patterns. The automatic behaviors you use to perform no longer exist in your personality. you will never be the same when you start to live in the present, in the eternal now, in the generous present moment.

Chapter 3

In chapter three, author shows the process of tuning into new potential in the quantum. When you get beyond your body, environment, personality, and everything you know. When you get beyond all of these you reach the place called quantum. in the quantum field all possibilities exist. In this chapter author tells the story of his son. how his son goes to quantum and manifested his dream career.

to go into the quantum filed you need a clear intention. you should know exactly what you want to manifest. with clear intention combined with an elevated emotion, you can create new energy, the energy of your desire future. There is a complete guided meditation in this chapter called tuning in to the new potential in the quantum. By doing this meditation you can go beyond yourself and tune in to the energy of your future. when your energy matches the energy in the quantum field ( Where all possibilities exist ) you will attract your desire future.

Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 “Blessing of the energy centers” Dr. joe Describes all 7 energy centers of the body. functions of all energy centers, what kind of energy each energy center holds. and how we can release negative energy from energy centers. Each energy center has its light, information, energy, consciousness, and frequency.

Once you clear all your energy centers from old negative energy you create a new energy field. when you create a new energy field you will raise your energy to higher level. You will vibrate on a new frequency. which will carry new information and you will start to attract new and better experiences in your life.

becoming supernatural

There is a complete guided meditation blessing of the energy centers in chapter 4.

Chapter 5

In chapter 5 the author explains how you can recondition your body into a new mind. Dr. Joe explains in detail how energy gets store in the body. how your thinking creates a feeling and your feeling create the same thinking. how your body works like a magnet. just like a magnet your body also has a south and north pole. How stored energy moves from body to brain. and creates an electromagnetic field around the body. which makes your body to work like a magnet.

This chapter also has a meditation for reconditioning your body into a new mind. there are some breathing techniques and use of muscle contraction are involve to raise your energy.

Chapter 6

This chapter contains a lot of testimonials of people who healed themselves from diseases and traumas by changing their energy. These testimonials are enough to inspire you to change your life. testimonials are the strongest evidence. that’s why dr joe takes testimonials of people who change their lives in his workshops. The common people became supernatural and done the uncommon.

Chapter 7

“Heart Intelligence”. a rarely discussed theory in human psychology. in this chapter Dr. Joe explains heart intelligence. your heart also has intelligence. the electromagnetic field your heart creates is greater than the field that the brain creates. you can open your heart by feeling the elevated emotions like gratitude and love. Your heart gets filled with blood, oxygen, and nutrients when you feel elevated emotions.

the heart has a connection with your mind. when your heart and mind are working coherently, your life will work coherently. when you feel elevated emotions, your heart will also become coherent. by feeling elevated emotions you brain release chemicals equal to the emotions you feel. and those chemicals are responsible for the healing of your body and mind.

becoming supernatural

when your heart becomes coherent your mind will also become coherent. how your mind becomes coherent? when your heart becomes coherent due to elevated emotions, the pulse of your heart ( blood pressure ) travels in your entire body and in your brain. and the wave of coherence is transferred to your brain as well and in your entire body.

Chapter 8

The author introduces a kaleidoscope in this chapter. mind movies/ kaleidoscope is a device used to create movies of your future using pictures, videos, and soundtrack. using a kaleidoscope we can create a movie of life. in Dr. Joe,s workshop this device is used to program the subconscious mind of students for a new future using mind movies.

becoming supernatural

by watching movies of the future we can create the feeling of the future. as future has already happened. mind movies create new neural networks in the brain. and emotionally reprogramme body and mind for desire future. there is also a meditation of mind movie. where you have to sit in the present moment. when you are completely present you have to play kaleidoscope. you have to watch images and videos with soundtrack multiple times. so you can program your mind and body.

Chapter 9

At the end of Dr joe’s workshop, there is another meditation called walking meditation. in this meditation, you have to walk in your future. but first, you have to create memories of your future. the plans, strategies, the choices you will make in your future. you have to make a clear picture of what your future self will look like. then with the help of guided meditation in the book, you have to walk on your beautiful future. it is like going from one reality to another reality.

Chapter 10

This chapter consists of case studies of people who changed their lives in Dr. joe’s workshop. How they manifested their dream lives by creating new energy. How common people are becoming supernatural.

The Pineal Gland

It is also called the third eye. Dr. Joe has given a brief explanation of the pineal gland. how it works, what chemicals are involved in it. How we can go beyond the three-dimensional reality by opening the pineal gland. This chapter also has a meditation called Tuning into higher dimensions to open your pineal gland. When you open your pineal gland you will experience five dimension reality. You will never be the same after that experience.

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