How to make Law of Attraction Work for you

A lot of people have an issue with the law of attraction that the law of attraction is not working for them. The meaning of law of attraction is “the energy you put out the same energy you will attract back in your life.” Your thoughts, your feelings, your energy is attracting things to you. life is not happening to you life is responding to the energy you put out. If you put out negative energy, the energy of your past and try to use the law of attraction, it will not work. you have to tap into the energy of your future, your desires, the energy of life you want to live. The energy you give, the energy you receive.

Most people follow all the steps of LOA. They do affirmations, visualization, meditation, journal writing, etc. but they unable to create feelings/emotions of things or the life they want to manifest.

Let’s Unfold the law of attraction and find out how to actually use the law of attraction to get the results you want.

1) Lose the energy of your past

You cannot manifest new things by holding the negative energy of past. The first step user should take before using LOA is to get rid of your past negative emotions. Whatever happens with you in the past is has nothing to do with your present. Let go of past and be in the present. You should stop thinking about your past completely. when you stop thinking, you will stop creating the emotions of it. When you stop creating the emotions of past you will remove negative energy from your life. Now you have space in your life to manifest something new. Now you can use LOA more effectively and get new results.

2) Know exactly what you want

Your subconscious mind is the head of law of attraction. The subconscious mind works at its best when you give it a clear picture of your desire. There is power in knowing what you want. There is a book on this topic “The power of intention” by Wayne Dyer. If you know what you want, your mind will give you ideas and plans to manifest your desire. You must be very clear about what you want. You can program your subconscious mind only when you are clear about your goal. If you know what you want, you can have it.

3) Write down your Goals

law of attraction

Once you know your goals then write them down on your journal or put pictures of your desire things on your dashboard. the picture must be clear with all its details. writing down a goal is like sowing the seed in your subconscious mind. When it impressed in the subconscious mind, you start to manifest people, opportunities, ideas to manifest your desire. you should get into the habit of writing down your goal. there is research that shows less than 3% of people write down their goals. That’s why people fain in using law of attraction. If you want to succeed write it down.

4) Use the power of imagination

law of attraction

People who fail in using law of attraction fail in creating feelings while imagining. You must feel the feelings of your success in imagination. to create feelings you can use certain places, people, events, pictures, voices, and things in your imagination.

5) Affirmation Technique

Most people use affirmation just in their minds. Saying affirmations in the mind is not wrong but you should say affirmations aloud. the best technique to do affirmations is to say them aloud in front of the mirror. you should watch in your eyes in the mirror and say affirmation loudly with conviction and authority. You have to use affirmations with endless repetition. you can say affirmation while taking a bath, or while doing any other unproductive work. Remember, you are using affirmations to create new beliefs. and beliefs are created through repetition.

6) Take Massive Actions

Lots of people on the law of attraction do everything. They use imagination, affirmations, meditation, journal writing, etc. But they lack the will power to take actions. That’s why they fail. You must take action to reach your manifestation. You must take constantly bold actions. If you don’t take action, the opportunities will come to you by using techniques of LOA. But, you will end up losing those opportunities.

If you don’t have the courage to take massive action, you can start with small steps. you can start with small actions. You can use 1% better everyday theory to build confidence in you. Your small actions will lead you towards massive actions and to your manifestation. Remember, Action is the only thing that can destroy your fear.

7) Law of attraction accelerator

Gratitude is the law of attraction accelerator. If you want to manifest your desires fast you have to feel as your desire is already manifested and feel gratitude for this manifestation. feel as if you have it already. when you are feeling gratitude you are drawing something to you. you are receiving something.

“Gratitude id the ultimate feeling of receivership”.

8) Meditate on what you want

When you sit in meditation, you should only think about your goals that you want to manifest. Give complete Focus on your goals. When you placing focus on your goals you are placing your energy to your goals. You can also do mindfulness meditation or other types of meditation, but at least once a day you should meditate on your goals. You should step out of your meditation with the feeling of your goals as they are already manifested. That’s the key.

9) Consistency

Be consistent with all the law of attraction techniques you are doing. People who complain about law of attraction is not working for them are the people who lack consistency. you have to be consistent even you are not getting results with LOA. Consistency will reprogram your subconscious mind. Once you reprogram it, you will experience its marvelous powers in your life.

10) Be happy

Happiness should be your dominant mood while using law of attraction. Your emotions are energy in motion. when you give the energy of happiness you will attract more happiness. feelings are on the driver seat in the journey of law of attraction. You must control your feeling to control your mind. most people get angry, frustrated, sad, depressed very easily. that’s why they fail in using law of attraction. you must control your emotional health to manifest your dreams.

11) Stay away from negativity

One of the key things to control your feelings is to stay away from negative things and people. Negativity brings your vibration down. Your vibration should be high and positive to attract good things. stay away from negative friends or people. Don’t watch any negative movie, tv-show, news, or other negative content. Always connect with positive and wise people who inspire you and motivates you. positive people lift your energy up. watch movies or content that motivates you and makes you feel better.

If you follow all these steps and become persistent with these techniques, you will soon manifest your goals. Remember everything takes time. everything happens in divine timing. there is a germination process of your manifestation. you should trust the process because the process will help you to grow.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to manifest and sometimes things manifest very fast. There is a season for sowing and another season for reaping. You have to be patient to reach your manifestation. so sit back, relax, and put out the energy of your desired future.

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