Mind Muscle Connection For More Gains

Mind Muscle connection is a smart and advanced way of workout introduced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mind muscle connection means becoming aware of the tension in the muscle while working out. Becoming 100% aware of the squeeze of the muscle when lifting weight and relaxation when completion of rep. In the mind-muscle connection technique, you have to put your mind into the muscle. In this way, you will get more pump and burn and more growth in muscles.

To use the mind-muscle connection you have to be 100% conscious in your workout. every top bodybuilder or fitness athlete uses this technique to maximize their gains and get desired shape. Let’s get dive deep into mind-muscle connection and checkout science behind it.

Evidence that mind-muscle connection works

a team of Harvard researchers took a group of students. They Imagined the workout of their biceps very intensely in five training sessions. after every session researchers recorded the brain activity during the session and measured their muscle strength. By the end of all sessions, students had increased their bicep strength by 13.5 percent. Even though they hadn’t actually used their muscle at all. also they maintained muscle gains for three months after the training sessions stopped. By consciously reviewing the exercise bodies of students looked like they are physically performing it.

Our mind cannot tell the difference between real activity and imagination. When we visualize an exercise, our mind starts to produce the same effects as exercise inside the body. These are some tips you can use to develop mind-muscle connection and get more gains.

mind muscle connection


as you know the importance visualization given above, it is a mendatory step to create mind-muscle connection. e.g. If you are training shoulders, then visualize as your shoulders are getting bigger, visualize the blood flow, and pump in the muscle. see it through the mind, feel it.

Use Negative Reps to Develop Mind Muscle Connection

Negative rep is a technique in which you have to bring down weight slowly to complete a rep. e.g. In bicep curls, you lift the weight, contracted muscle, and not letting dumbel just fall freely. You are controlling the movement and bringing the weight down slowly, Which causes more tension in the muscle. Due to this, you will be more conscious in exercise and mind-muscle connection will come into play.

6 time Mr. Olympis bodybuilder Dorian yates was a big fan of negative reps. He always used to bring down weight slowly and no other bodybuilder was more focused than Dorian yates at that time. He used the mind-muscle connection perfectly. He always talks about getting in the zone during a workout and giving 100% focus. When you watch his motivational videos on youtube you will understand how deep he gets his mind into the muscle.

Turn Off Music

Music can motivate you in workout but it is a distraction for mind-muscle connection. Music has a huge impact on our mind and it creates certain pictures and emotions in our minds. With music on, we cannot concentrate 100% on workout even with motivational workout music. Music restricts from getting in the zone for that connection with muscle.

Don’t go with heavy weights

It is very hard to develop mind-muscle connection with heavy weights. While training with heavy weights, your entire focus will be on completing the reps with that weight, pushing the weight with all your strength, not in the muscle. With heavy weight, tension is also less on muscles. It is distributed to ligaments and joints. To use this technique properly, you should train with moderate weight and try to do reps with perfect form. With moderate weight, tension will not get distributed and will be on only muscles.

Isolation Exercise Instead of Compound

In Compound exercises like deadlift, bench press, and squats there are multiple muscles and joints involved. It is very hard to create mind-muscle connection with every muscle. In isolation exercise, there is only one muscle involves, it is easy to focus on a single muscle as you know where the tension exactly is.

Good Form of exercise

You got to have perfect form to feel the mind into muscle. If you are doing an exercise with off form load will not be 100% on muscle. It will be Distributed to the joint. You will not feel the right tension with off form. A perfect form is always beneficial. It reduces the chance of injury and keeps joints healthy. It is difficult to maintain perfect form with heavy weights. Use light or medium weight to have perfect form.

Full range of Motion

Half range of motion or partial reps has its place but they are effective when you reach failure of a particular exercise. If you are trying to use this technique, you should go through a full range of motion. Make sure you take your time, Squeeze those reps, contract as hard as you can, and go into your muscle.

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