Productive Things to do in Coronavirus lockdown

Most People think lockdown due to covid-19 is boring and they are wasting their time on movies, Netflix, Gaming, etc. Lockdown is a disaster for normal people but it is a great opportunity for smart ones. so we are here with some productive things to do in coronavirus lockdown.

You can use this time to improve your self. you can work on becoming a better person mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally. you can improve many aspects of your life using this opportunity.

These are the things you can do to become a better version of your self in lockdown

1] Read a lot

Build a habit of reading and it will make you a superhuman. Reading is the best exercise for your brain. you can gain tons of knowledge from books. The best category to read from is self-help books. self-help books expand your mind, they break the limitations of your thinking and imagination. books can change your personality completely. you can create a new you. But you cant read it like reading a newspaper, magazine or novel. You have to read like you are downloading knowledge of the book directly into your brain. and you have to use the knowledge into your life in a practical way because knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. build a habit of reading and it will make you a superhuman.

2] Meditation

You can shape your desired world by doing meditations. Meditation helps you to grow spiritually and mentally. you become a completely different person in meditation because you disconnect yourself from your daily thinking and feeling routine and those habits you perform every day. it clears your mind from negativity. you can vanish all your negative thought patterns from your mind. the best thing about meditation is, it brings you in the present moment. you are more creative in present moment and your brain waves become coherence. meditation is the most productive thing to do in coronavirus lockdown

It is difficult to sit in meditation if you’ve never done it before. if you practice it daily you will get better in it. If you create the habit of meditating daily then unlimited peace of mind and real happiness will be the unbreakable part of life.

3] Learn a new Skill

You should get out of the lockdown with a new skill that ads some value in your life. A skill could be anything, learning software or starting a side hustle, anything that ads value. there are thousands of courses on udemy, Skillshare, and other learning platforms in just a few dollars.

4] Knowledge instead of news

you are in a repetitive loop now and the news you are watching about covid-19 will have no sense after a week. It will become trash. and by watching too much news you are consuming trash content. Instead of watching the news, watch self-help videos, biographies of greats, listen to audiobooks. There are thousands of audiobooks on youtube completely free.

What Consumes Your mind Controls your Life – Ralph Smart

5] Workout at Home

If you never got time to exercise due to your job, business, or busy schedule, Lockdown time is a blessing for your body. we know gyms are closed but you don’t need a gym to do a workout. you can perform most of the exercises with a fitness resistance band at home, or manage a couple of dumbells at home. you can do almost all exercises at home with these types of equipment.

6] Find Yourself

This is the most important thing in your life. You can use this time to define a vision of your life to yourself. having a vision in life is a must, you can’t do anything big without a clear vision.

How can you find your vision? align yourself with what you love to do. the more you externalize the more you lose who you are. don’t externalize yourself more. The more you go inside yourself you can fin yourself.

These are the 6 productive things to do in coronavirus lockdown. This Lockdown situation is a blessing. Use it Wisely.

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