Top 5 Spiritual books you must read

Reading books is the best way of becoming best version of ourselves. If you are in the search of inner peace, satisfaction, and success you must-read books. I’m gonna share with you books that are gonna blow your mind, change your life and leave you never ever the same again. These are the 5 spiritual books you must read.

1] The Holy Quran

The holy Quran is the best book in the world. The Quran has no author. This book is a direct word of god(Allah) to the human being. Holy Quran gives you the real meaning of god(Allah). after reading the Quran you will understand why you are sent to this world, the true purpose of your life, and the complete explanation of life after death.


The holy Quran covers all aspects of life and is a complete spiritual dose for your soul. The holy Quran is a miracle book. Quran will shake and awaken you from the illusion you are living.

2] The power of Now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment

The power of now is a masterpiece by Eckhart Tolle. This book will teach you how to live in the present moment and miracles of living in the present moment. How to use your mind and don’t let your mind use you. How to remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind. How to stop overthinking. It will also show you how you are a slave of your mind, your pain body (the reason behind your all worries and pain in life ). Book will reveal the true meaning of human beings. It will show you how you are separate from your thoughts, you are more than your thoughts.

This book will give you the power to control your mind. The book contains lots of techniques and meditations to bring you in the present moment and separate yourself from your ego. You can reach the level of spiritual enlightenment or awakening if you apply this book in your life.

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3] Stillness Speaks

Stillness speaks is another masterpiece by Eckhart Tolle. This book is like the next version of the power of now. Eckhart Tolle teaches that our mind should be like still lake, without the waves of thoughts. we should become an observer of stillness of mind. Book reveals the trap of negative thoughts and how we attach our identity with thoughts. all problems of our life are due to this attachment with thoughts.

Stillness speaks teaches spiritual exercises like, not taking our thoughts seriously and just becoming an observer of negative thoughts and let go. Become aware of the space between two thoughts. become aware of the matter between two bodies in space. all we have is a present moment, past and future is only a thought in our mind. we should go beyond the thinking mind to achieve the level of love, satisfaction, and spiritual enlightenment.

“Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. just look and just listen. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptional intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.” – Eckhart Tolle

Stillness speaks is a gem. You will never get trapped into overthinking and you will get power to control your mind after reading Eckhart Tolle’s books.

4] Becoming supernatural: How common people are doing the uncommon

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza is a life changer. author explains the present moment topic in a unique and easy way. The book contains brief knowledge about the pineal gland (Third eye). How we can open the pineal gland and have a mystical experience with the help of guided meditation given in the book. There is a detailed explanation of 7 chakras (energy centers) of the body and a meditation “Blessing of the energy centers” to clear energy centers from negative stored energy.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has covered a very interesting topic of heart coherence. how our heart is connected to the brain and how we can make heart and brain work coherently. The book has lots of testimonials of people around the world who successfully healed their minds and body and created their dream lives. There are different meditation given in the book. If you practice and master those meditations your life will change miraculously.

top 5 spiritual books

“Meditation is a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind, so you can access your subconscious mind and change it.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

5] A New Earth: Awakening to your life’s purpose

Millions of people around the world have begun experiencing “a new earth” for themselves and are awakening to the true purpose of their lives after reading this book. This book is an invitation for its reader to connect to your authentic self, to begin to connect to your soul, to your inner being, and to your consciousness.

This book teaches you how to quiet our minds, how to disconnect from our egos, how to not be defined by the past. This book teaches you to feed your soul, not your ego.

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